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About Van Riper Electric

For almost 100 years Van Riper Electric has been providing expert electrical services in northern New Jersey. Our business was built on reputation, and we know that a job well done is the best advertising we could ever have.

A Message from Harry Van Riper

I'm Harry Van Riper, owner and president of Van Riper Electric. We have been providing electrical services for almost 100 years in Northern New Jersey, and we're proud of the reputation we've built. My father and grandfather built this business by providing quality service and expert installation skills. Today I strive to continue that legacy with every customer we service.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, you can feel confident that Van Riper Electric is the one place to call for all of your residential, commercial or industrial electrical needs.

Our History

Jack Van Riper
Owner & Proprietor
from 1950 to 1985

H.A. Van Riper
Founder & Proprietor
from 1909 to 1950

Our Equipment

3 Service Vans

Bucket Truck with 30' range

20' Indoor Lift

Full-size Backhoe



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